Car Detailing|Machine Polish

Single Stage Machine Polish

Plus Paint Sealant Protection or optional ceramic coating

Not everyone can afford to spend several hundred pounds on their car paintwork which is why we have introduced our single stage machine polishing "Mopping" service.

Our Single Stage machine polish service is those for a much smaller budget and includes just the right amount of steps to give your car a much needed clean and single stage polish to restore the natural gloss and shine in your paintwork, a standard of which that cannot be replicated by hand.

The whole process takes a much shorter period of time to complete and should have your vehicle ready for pick up before you know it!

Whats included in a Single Stage Machine Polish?

Single Stage Machine Polishing is designed for those with a smaller budget.

Firstly, your car will receive a snow foam wash to remove any dirt and contaminants from your vehicles paintwork.


The short process is then followed by a single stage machine polish that is designed to put the shine back into your paintwork in a way that could not be achieved by hand.


Once the above has been completed then a wax or paint sealant will be put over the paint to protect the paintwork with a new glossy finish.


As always, the interior of your car will also be valeted to complete the one day machine polish.

This is a much cheaper option to our paint enhancement and paint correction services, but please note, the process will not remove swirl marks, scratches or fading etc.

This service can also be completed in one day.

Single Stage Machine Polish Includes:

  • Full decontamination of your whole car

  • Wheels Cleaned

  • Pre-clean with citrus cleanser

  • Snow Foam with high pressure washer

  • Car washed using two bucket method

  • Car dried using touchless drying

  • Single Stage machine polish

  • Paint Sealant or Wax applied​

  • Exterior trim dressed

  • Glass cleaned

  • Interior valet

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