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Black Country Detailing offer a full range of professional car detailing services of the highest standards

We cater for every type of vehicle and leave each and every one of our customers  speechless.

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The services we offer will remove any swirl marks and surface scratches on your vehicle, along with any fading, blemishing or oxidisation.

These could have been left by previous "professionals" valeters or quick cleans.

Why Choose Black Country Detailing?

We are a well established brand with an incredible portfolio supplemented by a wide range of high quality reviews.

BCD consistently proves it's reputation with reliable, professional, and highly skilled services using a large chest of tools and high quality products.

Our company is headed by Richard, who has a friendly, down to earth, professional and realistic approach to any vehicle that comes his way.

We will never try to overcharge or provide services that your motor does not require.

You can rest assured that your vehicle is being well looked after and is in safe, fully insured, and very capable hands. 

Services Overview

All too often a car is let down by the defects in its paintwork that have built up over the years.


These include paint defects such as swirl marks and fine scratches, bird droppings, holograms, cob-webbing and occasionally deep scratches.


Generally these defects occur as a result of either poor car washing techniques or automated car washes combined with the natural ageing process of your cars paint.

You will be amazed when you see the benefits from having your car professionally detailed.


We are able to totally transform your paintwork from looking old, worn and tired, to looking better than the day when it first rolled out of the factory.


Black Country Detailing use only the finest quality detailing products on the market, combined with the perfect methodology, technique and skill we will ensure that your car will be returned back to you in the best condition possible.