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Car Detailing | West Midlands


Black Country Detailing offer a full range of professional car detailing and ceramic coating, paint protection services.

Catering for any kind of vehicle in the West Midlands and beyond.

Paint Restoration

All too often a car is often let down by the defects in its paintwork that have built up over the years.


These include paint defects such as swirl marks and fine scratches, bird droppings, holograms, cobwebbing and sometimes deep scratches.


Generally these defects occur as a result of either poor car washing techniques or automated car washes combined with the natural ageing process of your cars paint.

You will be amazed when you see what the results are from having your car professionally detailed.


We are able to totally transform your paintwork from looking old, worn and tired, to looking better than the day when it first rolled out of the factory on the day it was made.


Black Country Detailing use only the finest quality detailing products on the market, combined with the perfect methodology, technique and skill we will ensure that your car will be returned back to you in the best condition possible.


Please call us for details.

Plus Ceramic Coat Protection

Designed specifically for people who have just purchased a new car.

We are constantly told from customers who have just purchased a brand new car from a dealership how disappointed they were in the overall finish of the paintwork on their new car when they received it.

The reason for the poor finish on the paintwork is because once the vehicle was manufactured, it would have then been put into storage.


Following this it would then be transported to the dealerships picking up yet more dirt and airborne contaminants before being washed with a dirty sponge.


The dealerships usually rely on a team of valeters who tend not to have the skills required to present your car to the standards that you should expect to see.


Due to this poor service we now offer our customers what we call a "New Car Prep Detail and Ceramic Coating Protection package".


This package involves machine polishing your car to the best standard possible and then protecting your paintwork with a 10H Ceramic Coating that lasts up to 5 years.


The interior is also protected using fabric and leather protectors.


Once completed your new car will look as good as it possibly can.


Plus Ceramic Coat Protection

Designed for customers with minor paint defects such as swirl marks and fading who want their cars looking beautiful again with a high gloss finish and ceramic coating paint protection.

Over time, washing your car using poor techniques and cheap products will result in your cars paintwork losing its gloss and having defects in it such as swirl marks and minor scratches.


Many of the cheap roadside car washes actually cause more damage to your paintwork than you realise resulting in colour fading and fine scratches which in turn makes your car lose its looks and begin to look old and tired.


Washing your car with a sponge will also damage your car.


Car paint enhancement detailing will rejuvenate your paintwork breathing new life into it by restoring its high gloss levels.


Two stages of machine polishing, the first to remove light swirls, blemishing and fading, and the second stage to impart a high gloss finish to the paintwork.

Our car paint enhancement detail also includes a ceramic coating for paint protection which will last up to 5 years protection and the interior will also be protected using leather and fabric protectors.

Once completed, taking approximately 2-3 days your car will look like its just had a 1st class makeover...!


Plus Ceramic Coating Paint Protection

Designed for customers who expect their car to look as good as it did the day that it was made.....if not better!

Approx 95% of scratches removed with all swirl marks, light scratches and imperfections permanently removed

A full paint correction detail on your vehicle will completely transform your cars paintwork leaving it in better condition than when it rolled out of the factory.


This is our most popular package and the one with mind blowing results.


Taking on average 4-6 days to carry out, your car will receive multiple stages of machine polishing leaving the paintwork flawless and with incredibly deep levels of natural high gloss.


Once the process is complete and we are 100% happy that it would be impossible to make it look any better.


Your car will then be protected with our state of the art ceramic coating which will seal in that perfect finish protecting the paintwork from the elements for up to 5 years.


To finish off, we will also detail the interior of your car which will include leather and cloth seats along with the trim being cleaned, conditioned and also protected with leather & fabric protectors.

The final results will restore your car to absolutely mind blowing condition...!


Alloy Wheel Protection

Designed for those with a smaller budget.

Not everyone can afford to spend several hundred pounds on their car paintwork which is why we have introduced our single stage "Mopping" service.


Firstly, your car will receive a snow foam wash, then it will receive a single stage machine polish putting the shine back into your paintwork in a way that could not be achieved by hand.


Once completed a wax or paint sealant will be put over the paint to protect the paintwork and your new glossy finish.

The interior of your car will also be valeted to complete the one day machine polish.

This is a much cheaper option but will not remove swirl marks, scratches and fading etc.

This service can also be completed in one day.