Car Detailing Paint Enhancement

Paint Enhancement

Plus Ceramic Coat Protection

Throughout the lifetime of your vehicle the paintwork will pick up defects and swirl marks from various poor washing techniques among many other things.

Many of the cheap roadside car washes actually cause more damage to your paintwork than you realise, resulting in colour fading and fine scratches, which in turn, makes your car lose its new looks and begin to look old and tired.

The purpose of a Paint Enhancement is to remove these defects and and blemishes through the process of machine polishing.

A paint enhancement is the perfect balance between cost and quality, designed for those cars that aren't in totally disastrous condition, but far from perfect.

Paint Enhancement will bring back the gloss and mirror finish to your cars paintwork leaving it in stunning condition at a much more affordable price.

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What is Paint Enhancement?

Paint Enhancement will revitalize your paintwork and breath new life into it by restoring its high gloss levels. It is designed for vehicles that have light defects such as swirl marks meaning it won't require a full paint correction.

Over time, washing your car using poor techniques and cheap products will result in your cars paintwork losing its gloss and having defects in it such as swirl marks and minor scratches.

Washing your car with a sponge notoriously damages your car. If your unsure how you should treat your car, don't be afraid to ask us! Use the chatbot below or drop us a message!

Whats included in a Paint Enhancement?

Designed for customers with minor paint defects such as swirl marks and fading who want their cars looking beautiful again with a high gloss finish and protected with a high quality ceramic coating.

The Paint Enhancement detail service includes two stages of machine polishing, the first to remove light swirls, blemishing and fading, and the second stage to impart a high gloss finish to the paintwork.

As with most of our services the Paint Enhancement detail also includes a ceramic coating for paint protection which will offer up to 5 years protection and the interior will also be protected using leather and fabric protectors.

Once completed, taking approximately 2-3 days your car will look like its just had a 1st class makeover...!

If you're looking to have your brand new car detailed take a look at our New Car Protection.

Paint Enhancement Detail Includes:

  • Full decontamination of your whole car

  • Wheels Cleaned

  • Pre-clean with citrus cleanser

  • Clay-Bar decontamination

  • Car washed using two bucket method

  • Car dried using touchless drying

  • Two Stage machine polish

  • Light cutting compound

  • Final polish

  • Headlights polished

  • Panel wipe vehicle prep for ceramic coating

  • Exterior trim dressed

  • Glass cleaned and sealed

  • Ceramic coat applied to car and wheels

  • Full interior valet

  • Seats and upholstery protected

  • Final inspection

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