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Paint Correction

Plus Ceramic Coat Protection

A full paint correction detail on your vehicle will completely transform your cars paintwork leaving it in better condition than when it rolled out of the factory.


This is our most popular package and the one with the mind blowing results.

Through the lifetime cycle of a car, the paintwork will get damaged and have defects in it such as swirl marks, minor scratches and other defects. which will have a negative effect on your cars appearance.

A full paint correction will remove almost all of these defects and completely restore your vehicles paintwork - you can take a look at the results yourself.

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Paint Correction Detailing
Paint Correction Machine Polishing

What is Paint Correction?

Paint Correction is a process that is used to restore and rejuvenate a vehicles paintwork. This is achieved through various techniques using a variety of specialist tools and equipment.


The process will approximately remove 95-100% of scratches and all swirl marks, light scratches and imperfections permanently.

Before this process is undertaken, as with all detailing services, the car requires a thorough wash and decontamination. This is to ensure no more damage is done to the paintwork when the Paint Correction is underway.

Whats included in a Paint Correction?

Paint Correction is designed for customers who expect their car to look as good as it did the day that it was made.....if not better!​

Taking on average 4-6 days to carry out, your car will receive multiple stages of machine polishing leaving the paintwork flawless and with incredibly deep levels of natural high gloss.

The vehicle will start the process with a thorough wash and decontamination to ensure the paintwork is clean and dirt free, if not done correctly, dirt and contaminants could end up lodged inside your paintwork.

We will then start with a multistage process of machine polishing using different grades of polish and cutting compounds.

Above we stated that approximately 95-100% of scratches and swirl marks will be removed. Heavy surface scratches will also be removed during the process as long as they haven't gone through to the primer.

After your car paint correction the panels are wiped down with an IPA/panel wipe to remove any oils and residue from your paintwork that may be left behind from the polish, in order for the ceramic to bond correctly with the paintwork.

Your car will then be protected with our state of the art ceramic coating which will seal in that perfect finish, protecting the paintwork from the elements for up to 5 years.


To finish off, we will also detail the interior of your car which will include leather and cloth seats along with the trim being cleaned, conditioned and also protected with leather & fabric protectors.

The final results will restore your car to incredible condition.

The process of Paint Correction is complete when we are 100% happy that it would be impossible to make it look any better.

As you can see this is a very intense and laborious task and usually the most costly and time consuming, however, the results your will see, will surpass any expectations you will have.

Paint Correction Detail Includes:

  • Full decontamination of your whole car

  • Wheels Cleaned

  • Pre-clean with citrus cleanser

  • Clay-Bar decontamination

  • Car washed using two bucket method

  • Car dried using touchless drying

  • Multiple Stage machine polish

  • Aggressive cutting compounds

  • Lighter cutting compounds

  • Final polish

  • Super final polish

  • Headlights polished

  • Panel wipe vehicle prep for ceramic coating

  • Exterior trim dressed

  • Glass cleaned and sealed

  • Ceramic coat applied to car and wheels

  • Full interior valet

  • Seats and upholstery protected

  • Carpet Protection

  • Final inspection

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