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When any of us purchase a new car we tend to take a lot of care, whether that be driving it around for the first few times or making sure it's safely stored in a garage. As times goes on, paintwork inevitably gets scratched, swirl marks appear and water streaks ruin the look of your vehicle.


Because we are all victims of poor washing techniques and re-using dirty sponges, either through a local roadside car wash, automatic car washed or on our own driveway.

That's where our New Car Ceramic Paint Protection Detailing comes in very handy.

What is New Car Ceramic Coating Paint Protection?

New Car Ceramic Coating Paint Protection is purposefully designed with new cars in mind, it offers protection against scratches and swirl marks before they become an issue, it limits the risk of damaged paintwork and provides your car with a high quality mirror finish. It no doubt also drastically reduces the amount of time required to manage your car with regards to washing your car.


We are constantly told from customers who have just purchased a brand new car from a dealership how disappointed they were in the overall finish of the paintwork on their new car when they received it.

The reason for the poor finish on the paintwork is because once the vehicle was manufactured, it would have then been put into storage. Following this it would then be transported to the dealerships on an open air lorry picking up yet more dirt and airborne contaminants before finally being washed by a team of dealership valeters with a dirty sponge before you the new owner arrives to take collection of the new car.


The dealerships always rely on a team of valeters who tend not to have the skills and experience required to present your car to the standards that you should expect to see. They also work with outdated equipment and work to very strict timescales with a large number of vehicles that need cleaning every day.

Looking after your car is a full time job and should be a main priority for time to come. Granted, detailing services aren't considered the norm for routine maintenance, but it is something that needs to be attended to on a regular basis, and the better the service (or detailer) you decide to choose upon, will greatly determine the outcome.

Meaning your car should be in excellent condition for years to come (if you choose us that is!)

The whole purpose of New Car Ceramic Coating Paint Protection is no different from any other service we offer. The results being pristine paintwork and high quality ceramic paint protection for your new car. 

What's included in a New Car Ceramic Coating Paint Protection Detail?

New Car Ceramic Coating Paint Protection is designed for people who have just purchased a brand new car.

Before we start machine polishing and installing a ceramic coating on your new car we will make sure it is fully prepared beforehand. The whole detail can take anywhere around a day or two depending on the size your vehicle. We prepare your vehicle to avoid the risk of damage being done when it comes to machine polishing and other techniques.


Once your car is ready we will then machine polish your car to the best standard possible to remove any paint defects and swirl marks. This will be performed on every nook and cranny of your bodywork (we often challenge our customers to find a mark or scratch - spoiler alert... they don't!)


We then protect your cars paintwork with a high performance 10H Ceramic Coating that lasts up to 5 years, making sure you vehicles paintwork is thoroughly protected.

The interior will also be protected with fabric and leather protection to protect against wear or accidental spillages

Once the whole process has been completed your new car will look as good as it possibly can.

New Car Protection Includes:

  • Wheels Cleaned

  • Pre-clean with citrus cleanser

  • Snow Foam with high pressure washer

  • Clay-Bar decontamination

  • Car washed using two bucket method

  • Car dried using touchless drying

  • Single Stage machine polish

  • Panel wipe vehicle prep for ceramic coating

  • Exterior trim dressed

  • Glass cleaned and sealed

  • Ceramic coating applied to car and alloy wheels

  • Full interior valet

  • Seats and upholstery protected along with all carpets and mats including the boot

  • Final inspection

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