Car Detailing Ceramic Coating

Car Ceramic Coatings

Everything you need to know

At our car detailing studio the majority of services are offered with the addition of a ceramic coating for your vehicle.

As with any car detailing process it's not an easy task, and frankly, if you don't know how to apply it, I would recommend visiting a professional. A professional detailer will also use professional ceramic coatings that aren't available for public purchase or use. They offer superior paint protection than "off the shelf" ceramic coatings.

The whole point of this process is to protect your vehicles paintwork from harmful substances and environmental hazards, to offer greater scratch resistance and they have the added benefit of making your car much easier to clean.

It's an essential aspect to vehicle detailing as a whole and works in unison with paint correction and paint enhancement services, protecting your paintwork and keeping it as glossy as possible. This will provide you with a much better level of paint protection than any wax or sealant.

Depending on what your going for you must be realistic of your expectations, unfortunately a ceramic coating isn't a protective and invulnerable barrier, you will still need to look after your vehicle and properly care for it.

You may have read up on the competing reviews and testimonials online, those who swear by the product, and those who despise it, but you'll often find the people who do kick it to the kerb, are "valeters" trying to drum up business.

There's no doubt in the detailing industry how much paint protection a Ceramic Coating can add to your vehicle.

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What is a Ceramic Coating?

A Ceramic Coating (also known as Nano-Ceramic Coating) is a liquid polymer vehicle detailing product that is applied to protect the exterior paintwork. Ceramic Coating is applied by hand and consists of silica and titanium dioxide to form a hydrophobic bond, creating a layer of protection.

The chemical bond is used to protect your paintwork from environmental hazards and common defects, such as grime, bird droppings and sun rays.

A Ceramic Coating will provide a much tougher layer of protection than it's alternatives, wax and sealants. The bond created will be semi-permanent and can last from 12 months to 7 years.

This nanotechnology created bond is easiest to understand if you think of it as an extra rock hard layer of armour over your cars paintwork.

The Hydrophobic properties leave your car repellent to water and other liquids, creating a slippy surface that rain will just slide off. Hence it's alternate name Nano-Ceramic.

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Why do I need a Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coatings will create a covalent bond over your vehicles paintwork, protecting it from harmful substances and environmental hazards. Ceramic Coating increases the resistance to your paintwork with the added benefit of leaving your vehicle much easier to clean.

You need a Ceramic Car Coating to ensure your paintwork stays in-tact and is protected from scratches and harmful substances, in some cases (depending on the product used) for up to 7 years.

Without properly maintaining your vehicle, it is often left with paint defects and light scratches, that leave your paintwork looking a little dull. A coating of Ceramic will ensure your vehicle is protected in order to keep those high gloss levels of your exterior.

As we mentioned, it's also incredibly helpful when it comes to looking after your vehicle, reducing the effort needed to keep it clean.

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Is it worth getting Ceramic Coating?

With out a doubt!

Many find the price for a Ceramic Coating a little tough to digest and justify, but if you take the above in to account, your vehicle is going to protected for years to come. To me, that's worth an investment of a couple months savings.

The process will inevitably pay for itself, which is why it's important to look at vehicle detailing as an investment opposed to an expense.

The Ceramic Coating for your car creates a chemical resistant surface, which will protect your actual paintwork from being damaged by harmful chemicals and contaminants, keeping that natural gloss and colour beaming, which we all want...

It's a no brainer right?

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Ceramic Coating Myths

  • Your car doesn't require maintenance​

  • A Ceramic Car Coating is permanent​

  • A Ceramic Coating will leave your vehicles paintwork invulnerable.​​

Your car DOES require maintenance

Now, we've already told you that your car will be a lot easier to take care of once you've have had a Ceramic Coating applied. But that doesn't mean you can neglect your motor completely.

It rules out the need for you to wax your car every half an hour but still requires a little work now and again.

The hydrophobic layer will protect you from liquids and dirt, but over time these will still gradually build up, which a quick wash should fix. When we say quick wash, please don't mistake that for your local garage!

The car coating will ensure your car stays cleaner for longer, and requires a wash less frequently.

A Ceramic Car Coating isn't permanent

You may have heard that a Ceramic Coating is permanent, but well, it isn't.

The product (depending on which is used) can last for up to 7 years. The product used at our studio protects your vehicle for up to 5.

So don't make the mistake of never visiting your detailer to get the coat re-applied, the last thing you want to do is damage your paintwork.

Your paintwork is by no means impenetrable

Unfortunately Ceramic Coating can't protect your paintwork from explosive damage, a drive through the safari, or even a head on collision.

But it can protect you from harmful substances such as dirt, grime, scratches and more. Just take a look at the benefits below!

The incredible nano technology helps resist light scratches and swirl marks as well as creating that hydrophobic layer we talked about earlier, but taking care of your vehicle is still a heavy must! Don't take the process lightly and act carelessly now you have a Ceramic Coating, it still needs to be looked after.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating for Cars
  • Resistance from harmful chemicals and contaminants

  • Protection from UV

  • Protection from Environmental Hazards

  • Protection from Oxidization

  • Protection from Rust

  • Improved Durability

  • Enhanced gloss levels

  • Ease of maintenance

  • Repellent ​from Dirt & Grime

  • Hydrophobic layer

  • Protection from Scratches & Swirl Marks

  • Lasting protection for up to 7 years

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