Mission Impossible............! (Or was it?)

This black Ford Edge was booked in for a full paint correction and ceramic coating and what a job it was.

When it arrived and I turned the lamps on, the first thing I thought was “Oh my God, this car needs bringing back from the dead”. Take a look at the photos below and you will be able to see what I was confronted with.

Covered head to toe in scratches, heavy swirl marks, blemishing, fading, oxidisation and holograms, this was going to be a real test of skill to return it to showroom condition.


The car had also received some repair work and repainting over the last couple of years and it had overspray on other panels that would also need addressing.

To be completely honest, it looked like Stevie Wonder had tried to put it right with his first go at using a rotary machine polisher judging by the obscene amount of holograms that had been left all over the paintwork.

So what do you think it looked like after the paint correction was completed? Do you think I managed to get it sorted and return the paintwork to perfect condition? Or do you think it was too much to take on and would need respraying to put it right?