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Black Country Detailing, Units 1, 4 Dudley Port, Tipton DY4 7SA


Car Detailing services provided to the people in Birmingham



Professional Car Detailing

birmingham new car prep
birmingham paint enhancement
birmingham machine polish
birmingham car paint correction

Single Stage Machine Polish is designed for those with a smaller budget

Our team is dedicated to serving clients in the busy town of Birmingham.


The services we provide are like no other in the area.

Our team values your vehicle and will not use cheap tactics and products to ruin your motors paintwork. Instead, we use high end products and strategies to take care in every aspect of your pride and joy.

At BCD we pride ourselves with a highly professional detail and the best possible vehicle care for every customer that walks into our studio.

Our services consist of large variety of processes using specialist equipment and high end products, all with the sole purpose of restoring your paintwork to pristine condition.

Black Country Detailing is dedicated to showcasing it's unrivaled vehicle detailing services in the motor fueled city of Birmingham.

The difference between a road side detailer and one who has been in the business for a number of years is colossal. So don't just choose any detailer, choose one with an awesome track record and over 10 years experience.

With the choice of a full protection detail we ensure your vehicles paintwork is protected for years in the future.


We don't offer cheap services or a quick turn around because our services are worth every penny.

Once you collect your car, you will notice the painstaking attention to detail we undergo, and will not be disappointed.

We never like to toot our own horn, so just take a look at our work for yourself.

The meticulous and fine tuned strategy to restoring your vehicle is one of a kind, we should be your first port of call for detailing services in Birmingham.


We provide high quality car detailing services to the Birmingham area and beyond.

We have over a decade of experience in the world of professional car detailing,

and it's been a long yet rewarding journey to reach the standards that are now achieved at our studio.

You can check out more of our work over at Black Country Detailings YouTube and Instagram channels via the buttons above or below!

birmingham bmw car detail

Our business pride ourselves on delivering a first class car detailing service to all our of clients in the Birmingham.


Each and every one of you, who have chosen us to detail and protect your car will not be disappointed.


The majority of clients from the Birmingham area tend to have been those that have already had their vehicle detailed by us.


Below you can read some of the recommendations and reviews that we have received on Facebook and Google.

Danny Love

I had my car done by rich last week. I didnt think there was any hope of getting the paintwork done but rich was happy enough to do it and very confident.


He had the car for 1 week and kept me upto date with everything he was doing and bang on with time schedule.


When i picked the car up i cudnt belive it was the same car i left with him. Its like a brand new car if not better than factory finish.


Everywere ive been someone has commented on the car looking like glass. Highly recommend best in the buisness by my experience. Get at him for your car detailing

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