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Professional Car Detailing in Birmingham

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Paint Enhancement

Paint Enhancement services are designed to revitalize your paintwork and restore high gloss levels. This service is for those with only minor scratches and swirl marks.

From £599

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New Car Protection

This service is designed with new cars in mind. Our aim is to avoid paint defects, scratches and swirl marks before they appear. New car prep will minimise the risk of damaged paintwork.

From £450

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Car Paint Correction

Paint Correction services are at the top end of the car detailing industry. They are used to restore a vehicles paintwork through the use of specialist tools and equipment.

From £799

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Single Stage Machine Polish

This services is for those with a smaller budget. It consists of a small process that is designed to give your vehicle and it's paintwork a deep clean, and restore natural gloss.

From £249

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Car Detailing Birmingham Area

Our studio is at the top of it's game and the services we produce say exactly that. We have been referred to by many of our clients as the best car detailer in Birmingham, and we are humbled by their words.


The high quality car detailing services we provide to the Birmingham area and beyond are one of a kind! You can see more of our service areas at the bottom of the page.

We have over a decade of experience in the world of professional car detailing, after working for various other businesses and winning multiple awards, Black Country Detailings owner, Richard, decided to hone his skills and setup for himself.

You can check out more of our work over at Black Country Detailings YouTube and Instagram channels via the button below!

No doubt that if you've stumbled upon this page, it's because your from the Birmingham area? But that's okay with us!


We serve clients across multiple areas in the UK, you can see our service areas below. That's not to say of course, if your willing to travel a little further for the best car detailer in the country, we'll turn you away.


Everyone loves to stand out, especially when it's something your proud to show off, and that's exactly why you should choose us and our unrivaled skills.


Granted Birmingham is a busy place, but no car will come close to the incredible paintwork you will be leaving with.

The services we provide are like no other in the Birmingham area.​

At Black Country detailing we pride ourselves on looking after your vehicle, we treat it like our own, and usually end up going above and beyond what our customers have actually paid for (whoops!), because frankly, we want the paintwork in absolute pristine condition​ when it's ready for pick up.

It's safe to say, we are on another level!.

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We make sure that none of our services provided use cheap tactics and "quick wins" to turn around your paintwork, because we know, with over a decade of experience, that these do not last. and you'll be back again in just a few months!

And that's definitely not our aim, we ensure our services are carried out with the upmost professionalism and skill, so that your paintwork can stay protected for years to come.


These services all consist of a large variety of processes, using specialist equipment and high end products, which is why we may charge more than some our competitors, remember, there's always someone cheaper, but at what cost? Usually the quality!

We don't like to just blow our own trumpet for being the best option to Birmingham car detailing, our statements are all backed by testimonials, which you can see below.



Our business pride ourselves on delivering a first class car detailing service to all our of clients in the Birmingham area and beyond. Each and every one of you, who have chosen us to detail and protect your car will not be disappointed.


The majority of our clients are recommended through word of mouth across a range of locations.


Below you can read some of the testimonials and reviews that we have received via Facebook and Google.

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